By: Simon Collins

NZ Qualifications Authority deputy chief executive Dr Grant Klinkum has cancelled the registration of another school for international students. Photo / File

Another business school for international students has been closed for breaking the official rules.

Retail Business and Management College (RBMC), a small college with 31 international students in Christchurch, has had its registration cancelled by the NZ Qualifications Authority.

All its students, except one from the Philippines, are from India.

NZQA deputy chief executive Dr Grant Klinkum said the decision was due to the college’s “educational performance and non-compliance with NZQA rules”.

NZQA’s last full review of the college in 2015 said the agency was “confident” in the college’s educational performance and capability in self-assessment.

But in July last year the authority found that the college “does not have adequate capacity and facilities”, “has not been reporting credits within the required timeframe”, and “does not have capacity for the number of students enrolled”.

The college eventually fixed the first two issues, but the authority imposed a cap on student numbers.

In May this year the authority ordered the college to stop taking new students due to “concerns about the provider’s assessment practices in relation to the RBMC Diploma in Retail Management (Level 7)”.

The college also offered Levels 5 and 6 business programmes.

The college is the sixth school for international students since May last year to have had its registration cancelled by NZQA, and others are subject to ongoing investigation and restrictions as the authority tightens its enforcement regime.

Klinkum said NZQA had contacted all 31 RBMC students with information about how they can continue their studies at other schools.

RBMC is owned by Oasis International Education Ltd, which has a sole director, Jia Wang, of Burnside, Christchurch.

The college has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Source: NZ Herald


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