The New Zealand Qualifications Authority said it had started proceedings in the district court against the private training establishment and its director.

The training provider is facing charges under the Education Act including the unapproved enrolment of international students, making false representations about assessment and NZQA course approval, and the unauthorised use of protected terms such as “New Zealand” to describe its courses.

Both have interim name suppression and cannot be named. The NZQA is appealing the suppression orders and awaiting a decision from the High Court.

Today the qualifications authority deputy chief executive quality assurance Dr Grant Klinkum said the proceedings were a result of the authority’s quality assurance processes which identified concerns around the unapproved enrolment of international students, false representations about courses and the unapproved use of protected terms.

“NZQA’s role is to ensure quality education is delivered to students and that New Zealand qualifications are robust, credible, and internationally recognised,” he said.

“We must take action in situations like this to protect the integrity of New Zealand’s qualifications so that students are gaining and using qualifications they can have faith in.”

Those intending to enrol in a private training establishment were encouraged to check the status of the provider on the NZQA website.

Source: NZ Herald


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