An agreement signed recently between NZQA and RM Results means not only that digital exam markers will have access to an online system but also that the upcoming delivery of NZCA Online this year is now confirmed.

NZQA will offer 14 NCEA exam subjects online this November, comprising 35 exam sessions across Levels 1-3, or about a third of the total exams offered. More exams will be available to sit on digital devices in 2020.

More than 140,000 students enter end-of-year NCEA exams, and are assessed by more than 1,500 markers, both digitally and by pen and paper.

This contract to provide marking services follows that signed late last year with SoNET Systems Pty Limited, which will provide the digital exam platform.

NZQA Deputy Chief Executive Andrea Gray said this second major contract signing meant the key agreements are now in place to deliver NCEA Online this year.

“Students are enthusiastic supporters of digital assessment; they tell us it reflects the way they are learning and living, with technology at their fingertips.

“Engagement and co-design with schools will continue to be a crucial part of ensuring we ‘get it right’.”

NZQA is adopting a staged approach to providing NCEA online and has already completed several years of trials and pilots with schools.

Dawn Pollard, Director of Growth Markets at RM Results, said she is delighted RM Results will be working with NZQA to help deliver NCEA Online.

“Our e-marking platform, RM Assessor, will offer the New Zealand marker community the ability to mark NCEA exam scripts efficiently online using flexible, feature-rich marking tools and processes.”

RM Results is part of RM Education Ltd, a British-based company that delivers ICT solutions to the education sector. Its e-marking platform RM Assessor enables the secure marking of exams for more than 1 million students worldwide every year.


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