Today across the country thousands of students will be sitting in English classrooms learning the difference between, there, their and they’re.

But no matter how much our teachers tried, apparently just one per cent of people can score top marks in this fiendish grammar quiz, according to the teacher who created it.

According to the Daily Mail, Lucy Bella Earl, who launched hit YouTube channel English with Lucy, has devised 10 questions that will put your grammar knowledge to the test.

The 24-year-old marketing graduate, from Bedfordshire, makes videos that are watched by 20 million students every year and claims just 10 out of 1,000 managed to score top marks on her latest test.


So do you know your possessive pronouns from your relative clauses?

1. Which is correct: John saw WHO last week or John saw WHOM last week?

1. Photo / English with Lucy


2. Our politicians want to AFFECT change or Our politicians want to EFFECT change?

2. Photo / English with Lucy

3. Did you see the books THAT I bought her or Did you see the books WHICH I bought her?

3. Photo / English with Lucy


4. Neither of us ARE intelligent enough or Neither of us IS intelligent enough?

How many can you get right? Photo / English with Lucy


5. WHOSE bag is that? or WHO’S bag is that?

5. Photo / English with Lucy


6. I wish I HAD studied harder or I wish I WOULD HAVE studied harder?

6. Photo / English with Lucy

7. I think I need to LAY down and rest or I think I need to LIE down and rest?

7. Photo / English with Lucy

8. You can stand between Will and I or You can stand between Will and ME?

8. Photo / English with Lucy

9. I want FEWER people in my kitchen or I want LESS people in my kitchen?

9. Photo / English with Lucy

10. To WHO were you talking or To WHOM were you talking?

10. Photo / English with Lucy
For all answers, please watch the Lucy’s video!

Source: NZ Herald


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