Tomorrow thousands of teachers walk off the job and it looks like about 2000 schools will close.
Our two state schools will be fully staffed and fully operational.
  • the children come to South Auckland Middle School and Middle School West Auckland on average two years behind from their previous 6 years of schooling … they need every minute, hour and day that we can give them.
  • the last thing many of their parents/caregivers need is extra cost and hours of work lost through a teacher strike. Teachers may consider that they can afford to lose a day’s income – many of the school families can’t.
  • the collective contract is completely outmoded – it does not recognise regional differences, it does not allow difficult to staff schools to incentivise, it does not allow schools to provide extra benefits such as health and life insurance.
  • many of the things teachers are complaining about are school management issues and not contractual. Schools determine their class sizes. Much of the additional workload piled on teachers is through their Principals and Middle Management through countless & needless meetings and administrative requirements to justify their own existence. The strikes are missing the correct target.\
  • the strikes are about pressuring the government through public support. Strikes are so very last century. If schools have the support of their community then do a Community Sit-In after school one day and publicize that … don’t put the kids on the street.
Because of the way that they operate – including their bullying approach – only one of our 65 staff have chosen to join a teacher union. Our kids love coming to our schools (our transience and truancy level are very low) and make great progress. Our staff turnover is also negligible because our school management makes good decisions on their conditions.
There was/is a better way to negotiate than harmful strikes.
We are fully open tomorrow.


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