It may be a little known fact, but the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) publishes a wealth of information aimed to help those moving from school to tertiary education make the best decisions for their future.

At this time of year, our universities are opening their campus doors and welcoming prospective students and their families in for a look at the courses and facilities on offer.

Attending an open day may be a valuable way to check out options and see what the campus is like, but it is not the only way to get information and may not give a complete picture.

When enrolment decisions are pressing, I encourage families and prospective students to check out the data published by the TEC.

TEC invests nearly $3 billion each year in tertiary education, so we know what we’re talking about – our data is independent and up to date and we publish it with the sole aim of helping students make the best decisions for their future.

At our website, you can select a qualification, such as a Bachelor of Graphic Design, to see where it is offered, what the fees are, and what the future employment and earnings outcomes of graduates with that qualification are.

If you want to drill down even further, our employment outcomes data lets you compare graduate outcomes from each different provider.

And for those who don’t yet know what direction to take your tertiary studies, check out our CareerQuest tool. Simply complete a questionnaire about your interests, and we’ll give you a list of jobs that suit you, as well as your likely earnings, the likelihood of getting a job, and what qualifications you will need.

We know an investment in tertiary education is a significant one and will have a bearing on lifelong success.

Thirty years ago when I was making decisions about what to study and where to study, there was not much about to help me make an informed choice. Thankfully my decisions turned out to be okay, but it’s great to know my kids will have many more tools at their fingertips when their time comes.

As the Government’s careers agency, it’s our job to help students and their families so they can make informed choices about investing in tertiary education.

At the TEC, we’re passionate about helping our young people to reach their potential. And although many factors go into making a decision on what and where to study, using our data can help complete the picture.


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