The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) released their annual Educational Performance Indicators (EPIs) this week.

The EPIs examine course and qualification completions overall, and first year retention rates, and progression to higher levels of study. Measured over the last complete academic year, they are designed to help Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) manage and monitor their educational performance in relation to other institutions.

Overall, the 2016 sector performance was generally consistent with past years for both qualification completion and first year retention rates, TEC Chief Executive Tim Fowler said.

“However, we did see an encouraging improvement in progression to higher level study for those learners who completed a level one to four qualification. This is important because learners with higher level qualifications generally get paid more.”

Co-hort-based measures were used for just the second year in a row, he said.

“Initially they were used for Student Achievement Component (SAC) and Youth Guarantee (YG) funded providers. This year, the cohort-based measure was extended to also cover industry training organisations. The TEC has changed to cohort-based measures based on engagement with the sector, and this measure will continue to be used.”

Each year the results are eagerly awaited by tertiary institutions from wananga to universities.

This year Otago University stood out by topping each of the key indicators measuring the educational performance of students nationwide, Otago Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne said.

“The University of Otago has always rated very highly in the TEC’s annual educational performance indicators, but to rank top in every one of those indicators is an unprecedented achievement. It is a stellar result for Otago, and highlights not only the excellence of our academic staff and teaching and learning environment that the University offers students, but also the commitment Otago students put into achieving to their full potential.”


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