1. Have been listening to this podcast and have read the Tomorrow’s Schools document – and you two are clearly cheerleaders of the new program – well I am not impressed and neither are any of the parents and the teachers/principles that I have spoken to.

    I am for all of New Zealand children’s receiving a good education but to take school choice away from parents and principles is state overreach and you can expect a backlash.

    Despite what you say the hubs ARE another layer of bureaucracy and will take valuable resources away from where it is needed most!

    If you want good principles/teachers in the hardcase schools you incentivize them with a higher salary, you do not legislate their attendance at new schools every five years.

    To constantly go into schools to fight fires would also get very wearying and loss of these good principles / teachers would be the end result.

    You also assume, incorrectly I might add, that all parents care whether their children are educated – many don’t, they don’t spend time reading to their children, they don’t follow up with homework, attend parent teacher conferences and don’t show any interest in their child’s educational welfare at all – in many of the hardcase schools this is all too apparent. The principle would have to have magical powers to fix that kind of problem – that is an attitude issue.

    This new Tomorrows Schools approach is heavy handed and ham fisted.

    The CGT is unpopular but the anger associated with it will pale in comparison when compared to angry parents and this new labour proposal.
    I would expect any National Party in the future to overturn it as part of their platform in the next election cycle – I will be contacting my MP and rallying parents and teachers to protest this. It is an abomination!


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