The Tertiary Education Union is welcoming Government intervention in polytechs, saying it is long overdue.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins will be unveiling the Government’s plans for significant reforms to our polytechnics and institutes of technology today.

Tertiary Education Union national secretary Sharn Riggs told Mike Hosking that intervention is well overdue.

When questioned about the possible job losses as a result, Rigss said they face that frequently and it is nothing new.

“We deal with job losses all the time so this is nothing new in our sector. We will manage that if and when it happens.”

She said the competitive funding model is one of the reasons the sector is in so much trouble.

“The whole move towards polytechs becoming independent competitive businesses, which they were not set up to be in the first place.”

“The funding system, which is predicated on the bums-on-seats model of student funding, has meant that competition has taken over in a way that means the focus has been on that, rather than the delivery of the programmes and training that this country’s economy needs.”

Riggs said duplication of courses and classes is another issue.

“Duplication is a real problem in the sector. That’s why we have been arguing that there should be a national network, that is nationally overseen… with a commitment to regional delivery.”

Listen to Tertiary Education Union national security Sharn Riggs talk to Mike Hosking here.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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