How did schools make biking the norm – and what has resulted? On school sports fields in Porirua, the wheels of change are turning.

A few years ago, many children had little opportunity to ride bikes. This story tells how Bikes in Schools has emerged and expanded in Porirua, focusing on three schools, deciles 1 to 4.

Riding Easy: Porirua Bikes in Schools Story was written by Louise Thornley, a freelance writer and public health researcher, for the Porirua Bikes in Schools network, in December 2020. She met with staff and students from various Porirua schools, a family, and diverse
community and cycling groups to hear how Bikes in Schools has emerged.

The Bikes in Schools movement is now set up in six Porirua primary schools, offering
universal access to cycling as part of the school day.

Drawing on what’s been learned so far, those involved offer advice for other schools
and communities.

This story is collectively owned by the Porirua Bikes in Schools network. Its production was
made possible by Porirua City Council.


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