Today at St Patrick’s Silverstream, 40 students from four Wellington high schools will join the first  Online Advocates workshop, part of a student-led programme from Facebook, Instagram and Sticks ‘n’ Stones to promote positive online experiences.

Online Advocates is designed to empower young people (aged 14-18) with tools and a network of supportive peers to promote positive online experiences and interactions through in-person workshops and online modules. The content is developed by Sticks ‘n’ Stones, the youth-led bullying prevention organisation, with support from Facebook and Instagram, and will see 500 Online Advocates from over 40 schools trained by Sticks ‘n’ Stones to support more than 15,000 young Kiwis in metropolitan, regional and remote communities.

In the morning, students participate in a range of interactive sessions, during which they develop skills for encouraging positive behaviour among their peers, contribute ideas for designing safe online experiences for young people, and learn how to train others so that the content reaches even more young people.


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