The withdrawal of the Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill is bound to come as a relief to dance teachers, swimming teachers and other teachers who would have been affected by the proposed legislation.

New Zealand First List MP Jenny Marcroft has requested the withdrawal of her member’s bill, saying it is no longer necessary.

“I see a real commitment to raising and recognising the status of our teaching profession which gives me confidence that my member’s bill is no longer needed,” says Marcroft.

National’s Education Spokesperson Nikki Kaye is pleased to see the back of the “severely flawed” bill and says that Marcroft has “made the right call to drop it”.

“The bill’s misguided attempt to raise the status of the teaching profession by stopping those who have not gained recognised teaching qualifications from calling themselves ‘teachers’ was not even supported by the Education Council and others in the teaching profession.”

“People who teach swimming, music, dance or art make a significant contribution in our communities and should have every right to call themselves teachers. Fining them for using that title would have done nothing to raise the status of qualified school teachers.

“There are far better ways to raise the status of teachers. We need to make sure we have high quality graduates choosing teaching as a career and investing in professional learning and development opportunities.”

Education Central’s poll on this issue attracted 162 responses, of which 44% were in favour of the Bill and 56% against.

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