It appears you can’t keep a 1980s fashion classic down

There’s no doubt that as far as fashion is concerned, retro looks from the 1980s are having a moment.

Fluoro hoodies and bumbags have had a revival, scrunchies have started reappearing on lady-heads all over the world – and now, it seems that spandex bike pants are making a comeback.

In case you aren’t sure of the look we’re referring to, please revisit the film clip of Aussie pop star Collette in her Ring My Bell film clip from 1989. To ensure that her skin-hugging Lycra pants didn’t fall down (?!) she paired her bike pants with a pair of braces.

Do not try this at home.

For the young whippersnappers who were born post-1990, bike pants were a staple in many 1980s kid’s wardrobes. If you managed to have a pair of Ken Done ones, you really were the sh*t and you could peacock around the playground with the best of them.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell closed Virgil Abloh’s Princess Diana-inspired Off-White show in a white ruffled blazer with matching cropped spandex leggings.

The New York Post reported today that bike pants have been worn by supermodel Naomi Campbell on the catwalk this week:

“Bike shorts for spring? Groundbreaking,” writes The Post’s Nicole Zane.

“The fashion industry seems to think so — or maybe they just took a page from Yeezy-era Kim Kardashian’s style book by taking the high-end athleisure trend to the next level.”

Stunningly, the designer bike pants will set you back $US399 ($NZ437).

Good one, fashion. You’re hilarious.

But it seems this movement is bigger than just one kooky designer. Bella Hadid has also worn the look in France … and other designers like Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci and Dion Lee have produced similar high-end versions of the utterly unforgiving garment in their latest collections.

Source: NZ Herald


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