The ECC noted the opinion piece in the media this week that was critical about parental choice and ECE centres.  We were sad to read some of the comments in the article and have been pleased to see some parental push back online saying parents can make their own informed choices for the ECE they choose.  There was also a lot of parental support in online comments for centres with many parents saying their ECE centre and the teachers are great.

The ECC supports parental choice and the model of ECE variety in New Zealand.  It’s a shame judgements are made by influential commentators without actually visiting ECE centres or researching the facts.

This is another example of ill-formed childcare centre-bashing.

Around half a Century of one of the best early childhood systems in the world; a world-class curriculum; ECE-qualified teachers welcome virtually anywhere; a strong emphasis on parental choice; the list goes on.

Early childhood education in New Zealand isn’t perfect and there’s always more we can do to improve.

But parents aren’t silly.  They have a right to choose the ECE that works for their family, and not have those choices criticised or be made to feel guilty because of them.

ECE matters! And the ECC is proud to support and represent 1,200 early childhood centres in New Zealand that educate and care for our youngest citizens.


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