New Zealand’s first scholarship to support Māori students to gain admissions to top global universities is open for applications again following its successful introduction last year. Five high school students from Year 10 – Year 13 will again receive personalised mentoring and education services, worth $20,000 per student.

The ​Te Ara a Kupe Beaton Scholarship ​recipients will receive tailored tutoring and mentoring support that helps them to apply and secure admission to top-ranked universities in New Zealand and abroad, whether it be Computer Science at Victoria University, Medical School at the University of Auckland or Economics at Harvard.

The Scholarship is named after the Māori warrior Kupe who voyaged the Polynesian seas to discover New Zealand, just as Crimson encourages students to go on a journey of discovery, push boundaries and adventure beyond the familiar.

Lily Holder-McFlinn was supported by a customised Crimson Education team through her final year of high school after being awarded one of last year’s scholarships. Since winning the scholarship she has received four NZQA subject scholarships, a $5,000 Victoria Academic Excellence Scholarship, and a $15,000 Spark scholarship for women in technology. She was accepted into a conjoint Law and Computer Science degree at Victoria University which she says is a perfect fit.

“The Te Ara a Kupe Beaton scholarship has provided me with the resources and knowledge to achieve goals I previously believed to be impossible. The team gave me the opportunity to engage with talented people from around the world, which has provided me with connections that will be essential in my future career path.

“Crimson’s tutors and mentors take the time to get to know you, giving insight into the most effective ways to make you think, and absorb knowledge. It gave me a huge advantage over other students. They encourage you to pursue your dreams, regardless of how unrealistic they may seem, and they provide you with the resources to make that dream a reality,” she says.

Holder-McFlinn will sit on this year’s judging panel, along with Crimson CEO Jamie Beaton, who along with starting Crimson Education, is currently completing an MBA at Stanford Business School.

“This scholarship will continue to encourage young Māori to discover their greatest potential by getting accepted into the world’s best universities,” says Crimson CEO Jamie Beaton.

“Historically, top-ranked, competitive universities have had very little representation of Māori students and that’s something we’d like to change. The scholarship is raising community awareness of possible higher education pathways to reach for while mentoring students to give them the confidence and tools to stand out as top candidates. Not only does this scholarship open up doors for young Māori, it helps to introduce the world to Māori culture,” says Beaton.

Applications close on 20th August and scholarships will be awarded on 16th September as part of Maori Language Week celebrations.


  1. Hi there
    I am wondering if you have any scholarships for someone like myself who is studying to be a counsellor and wanting to make a difference to those in my community and beyond. I am currently first year counselling student at Laidlaw college, I am wanting to continue with my study and to do so I am looking at applying for scholarships for Maori students.
    Thank You
    Rochelle Phillips


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