The collaboration, with Pak’n’Save, is designed to teach them about profit margins and production costs.

“Everything is unique to them, and we try to support and endorse what they are doing, just as long as we are within the food safety regulations,” says Fresh foods manager Phillip Papworth.

The products are chosen by the students down to the last ingredient. Even selling points are considered.

“They would walk past and not try it, and not buy it, and that would mean little profit for us. So we have made a unique selling point by putting spinach on top of it,” says Rylie Wright.

It is the second year they’ve run the programme.

“It would have really opened their eyes to the development of products and what it takes to get to the point where their product is going to make a profit, says year eight teacher Jemma Venter.

Proceeds go to Pak’n’Save, to help covering the costs of the programme.

Source: NZ Herald


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