By: Rosie Gordon

An outright social media ban could backfire on an Auckland school – should it go ahead.

An anti-bullying expert says banning young people from social media can force their usage underground.

Kowhai Intermediate in Kingsland in Auckland could block kids from social media both at school and at home, amid concerns around cyber bullying.

It would mean no Facebook or Snapchat for students – even when they’re at home.

Sticks ‘n’ Stones director Karla Sanders works with teenagers and says ensuring open communication between kids and their parents is key.

“An outright ban can often just push young people underground to be having social media accounts in secret and not feeling like they can go to their parents if things do go wrong.”

Sanders says young people can get around bans and when something is prohibited it seems more exciting.

“Because the age for social media is 13 a lot of parents are having really open and frank discussions with the young people about moving into the social media environment, with support.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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