Labour’s plan to dismantle National Standards shows their disregard for parents and the needs of students around the country, National Party MP Nikki Kaye says.

“Parents need to know where their kids are up to and children need to know how they are getting on. National Standards are a key part of that,” Ms Kaye says.

“Families also deserve to know what Labour will replace National Standards with – not be told they are going to overhaul the way our students learn but will get back to you with the details later.

“Labour are showing how little thought they have put into their policy changes, with Education Minister Chris Hipkins still unable to tell parents how his education policy will affect students and parents.”

Ms Kaye says National Standards provide the Ministry of Education with key information to allow the Government to target interventions and improvements on schools that are not doing well, and focus efforts where they can have the biggest impact on student achievement.

“Having National Standards ensures that happens, and Labour’s plan undermines that without having a replacement.

“This is typical Labour – the party of reviews and working groups. They demand change for change’s sake but don’t have their own ideas about how to take New Zealand forward.

“It’s important we develop the right tools that parents and teachers can trust and have confidence in.

“Mr Hipkins has said that National Standards will be gone quickly. Parents and students deserve better than that. We disagree with getting rid of them but for the government to say they are getting rid of National Standards quickly without a fully developed system across all schools is irresponsible.

“Labour needs to front up with New Zealanders and explain their intentions or admit that once again they have no idea.”



  1. National Standards means nothing to me as a parent. My child has always been at or above, but he’s a cruiser especially if he’s told it’s ok you’ve already made the Standard. I’m way more interested in how he’s going socially and the effort he is putting in. Neither of which important under NS.

  2. About time people woke up to the fact that our children are being indoctrinated into NWO and Agenda 21 in our school system all by curtsy of the UN. Not for the benefit of all the people only for the few. Children are no longer taught to think they are taught to follow, making them easy to manipulate as they grow older. Same principals as Hitler’s Youth programing.


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