You have the power to change your job, and life, and live a life you love.

We spend lots of hours working. Life is short. So if you loathe your job then you are wasting precious time — and it can harm your health.

On that latter point, stress can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket. This can potentially lead to serious health consequences.

I spoke on this topic at Tauranga’s Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ). They asked me to share how I went from being an award-winning news journalist to a wellness entrepreneur who has worked with the likes of Fitbit, NewBalance, My Food Bag, John West and organic hair-care brand Pureology.

CDANZ helps Kiwis to change their career paths. Sometimes this is due to illness, an accident, or “just because”. They like hearing how people have changed careers. They can then use this shared knowledge to help others flourish.

What I do as a wellness entrepreneur is multi-layered. I’m a wellness columnist, inspiring Kiwis through health-inspired words. I’m a health coach, guiding clients. I help them to change their lifestyle — ie. lose weight, get fit, lower stress and change their mindsets.

I’m one of New Zealand’s top wellness bloggers and influencers. In that role, I work with lots of big brands to market products or spread key messages. I teach yoga and mindfulness to corporates, giving them a competitive edge. I also lead Mindful Moments retreats at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa. At the latter, I help clients to kick off their own
personal health journey.

I love my career and ultimately my mission is to inspire Kiwis to live a healthier and happier life. And I’m darn proud of my transformation into a career where I help others.

Here are seven tips to help you step into the life you want:
1. Find something you are passionate about that fulfils you. Entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robins sums this up best. He says: “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.”
2. Know your ultimate outcome so you can get a smart strategy.
3. Have a strong “why” behind your goal. This will drive you to take action and work hard.
4. Be fearless. Just freakin’ take the giant leap towards your dream. Fear holds most people back.
5. Find someone who has achieved your dream and find out how they got there.
6. Get a coach who can define exactly what you need to do for your dream to become real. You’ll need them when you want to give up during tough moments. And there will be testing times on your journey. No one skips that part of the process.
7. Believe you deserve to be happier and have wealth.



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