it’s clichéd but it’s true: it really is the little things in life that count. Student blogger Jessica Layburn lists 10 little things you can do to improve your life and achieve your definition of success, whatever that may be.

  1. Invest in an alarm clock

For most of us, our phones are the last thing we see before we drift off to sleep, and the first thing we see when we awake in the morning. This fuels our dependency on the devices. Having an alarm clock will take away the need to bring our phones into our rooms at night.

  1. Drink more water

Too many people live their lives dehydrated. If you think you are productive now, think of how much you could get done if your body was working at its full potential.

  1. Do one thing every morning that makes you happy

This one is self-explanatory. Doing just one thing that makes you happy in the morning is the key to setting yourself up for an amazing day. It could be as simply as watching the sunset with a warm glass of milk in hand.

  1. Meal plan

How many times have you run out the door with a sugar-filled muesli bar in hand? Or worse, without having any breakfast at all? It is easy not to prioritise breakfast when there are so many other things going on in the morning. Planning your meals just a couple nights in advance eliminates the early morning stress of trying to balance convenience, health and taste.

  1. Exercise daily

Exercising sets you up for a much more productive day. Getting your heart pumping for just 20 minutes in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism, so your brain can get all the energy it needs.

  1. Explore different study spaces

Studying in the same place all the time is boring, not to mention unrewarding. Changing the environment you work in will help establish memories and makes it easier to recall the information you need for internals, as well as end of year exams.

  1. Stop doing things that don’t challenge you

Don’t spend time in class mindlessly completing sciPAD pages if you already fully understand the content. There are so many better things to do with your time. I’m sure your teachers would understand if you explained to them that you have already mastered that particular topic

  1. Step out of your comfort zone

Many motivational speakers will tell you to do one thing that scares you, every single day. That sounds like an awfully stressful life to me. Maybe start with once a week!


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