With all the uncertainty around COVID-19 and the great many changes happening across the country, it’s no wonder there are so many anxious, stressful and nerve-wracking social media postings at the moment.

For parents and role models, it is particularly important to make sure you are giving accurate information to those around you – including children.

Here are a few examples of how to be a good role model in the current times of uncertainty:

  • Do not spread rumours about individuals or schools. This constitutes as bullying and online harassment. We want to act as united communities, not as isolated individuals (even if we’re in self-isolation!)
  • Teach your children how to use social media. If your child is interested, teach them how to research using newsworthy sites. However, if social media is panicking your child – now could be a good time to limit their time on social media. Remember – anyone can post anything on social media, it doesn’t have to be fact or fiction.
  • If your own social media post could harm or spread fear amongst your community – now is not the time to post it. Now is a time to think and act positively, we’re all playing our part to work through the tough times.

Everyone’s anxiety has increased with Covid 19 worries. Teachers are doing their best to remain calm and positive with your children and carry on with their job of teaching and learning. We also understand that you as parents are doing your best to maintain a positive outlook while supporting the needs of your children, their teachers and your own wellbeing.

For now, social media should be used for good. Use it to check in on your family and friends during this time of isolation, use it to support your local community with the Great Teddy Bear Hunt when going for a walk, or video-chat your neighbour. Social media can be a great resource when used positively – let’s come together as a country, rather than isolating ourselves even further in times of crisis.


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