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Help for the Tough Times provides a quick guide to four New Zealand websites that were especially designed to support teens with issues like anxiety, stress, identity, relationships, and depression. The four websites were developed by experts in youth mental health and are supported by the Government.

The pocket guide was created by the Health Promotion Agency/Te Hiringa Hauora (HPA) from their work with students from two Year 12 high school classes co-developing the text and format.

Take a look at the PDF versions of the teen pocket guide, the staff reference guide and poster here.

Secondary schools can order FREE hard copies of the Help for the Tough Times pocket guide for all the students in their school by emailing toughtimes@hpa.org.nz and giving their name, role, school name, school’s courier address, and the number of teen guides they’d like.

Share the information with parents and whānau through your social media and newsletters
Designs to insert into your school newsletters and social media pages to remind students and their whānau about the sites that can support them are available for download on the Help for the Tough Times web page on the Health Promotion Agency website.

Share the information with your staff
Support material is also available for school staff so that they are aware of the websites.

Schools can use the PowerPoint presentation for staff meetings, staff induction sessions or staff-only training days to introduce them to the resources and websites, and adapt it to introduce staff to your school’s procedures.

Then provide follow up reminders using the design jpgs for staff notices.

The PDFs, jpgs, and PowerPoint versions of the resources are available for free download on the Help for the Tough Times web page on HPA’s website.

HPA provides advice and resources to education settings to encourage their communities to lead healthier lives. For more information on their education work visit https://www.hpa.org.nz/programme/education

Visit HPA at hpa.org.nz


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