Thousands of secondary school teachers marched down Queen St demanding fair pay in 2010.(Photo \ Wayne Drought)

Education experts say strikes aren’t the way to go for teachers to get pay increases.

Both the primary and secondary teachers unions are calling for an immediate five percent salary increase, plus a 14.5 percent increase in next year’s agreement.

Members of the NZEI say industrial action is possible, while the head of the PPTA Rick Boyle said they won’t be striking because it is illegal and goes against the good faith of their collective agreement.

Director of the Institute of Education at Massey University Professor John O’Neill encourages all parties to sit round the table instead.

“You would hope that both sides would look towards a solution which rewarded teachers but did not disadvantage kids.”

He said teacher’s average salaries have a low ceiling which is why younger teachers are leaving.

“If you looked at teachers salaries in times of lifetime career progression and salary progression, you would say it’s attractive for the first few years but then drops off fairly rapidly after that.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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