By: Gia Garrick

Hamilton student Sarah Thomson has taken the Government to the High Court over its climate targets. (Photo / Gia Garrick)

Sarah Thomson’s High Court hearing, where she’s alleging the government is not doing enough to tackle climate change, is underway in Wellington – it’s the first case of its kind.

The law student is challenging the government policy on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, accusing it of failing to review emissions targets properly and using flawed economic modelling in its policy decisions.

Climate change minister Paula Bennett said the government is standing by its actions and is comfortable with its Paris Accord target.

Bennett said the target was set after a thorough process of consultation.

Supporters have loudly rallied outside the court with banners and instruments.

Michelle Ducat from Oil Free Wellington said they wanted to show solidarity.

“It’s a groundbreaking case. She is showing and helping provide that forum where we can all come together and say we need to work together urgently.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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