Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Ara Rima is using a newly-translated Te Reo Māori version of the popular game-based learning resource Matific to aid children’s learning.

This new development by Matific, an  innovative game-based learning program, is set to assist in normalising the use of Te Reo Māori in the classroom and encourage both Māori and non-Māori students to learn, speak and engage with the language more widely at home, within the neighbourhood, and with the wider community.

The Māori version has been translated by esteemed Lecturer from Auckland University of Technology, Hēmi Kelly, who sits within the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development.

“My hope is that the Matific translation will lead to the Māori translation of other interactive resources that can be used in our kura. As a lecturer of the reo and an active member in te reo Māori revitalisation, I see this as a gateway to continue the revitalisation of the language and culture in the education system,” says Hēmi.

A teacher from TKKM o Te Ara Rima said it is the third year the school has used Matific.

“It gets better every year as they are constantly improving it. My students and my own children enjoy Matific and willingly engage with it daily. I believe the release of the Te Reo Maori version will further motivate Tamariki as they will have a better understanding of some of the activities.  They will also achieve a higher level of success.

“We have only just begun to use the Māori version; however, I know for myself personally it has enabled my students to complete activities they were not able to previously. I work with junior school students in Years 2-3 and they have had no formal teaching of English, so a number of the activities were too hard for them to complete in English, but they are flying through them now.

“As a teacher it means I am able to set tasks which can be completed independently – whereas previously I would’ve been required to sit and translate the activities or otherwise avoid certain activities. My Tamariki are very impressed with the ‘new’ Maori version and enjoy reading out the problems and prompts.

Matific’s new translation of its program showcases an innovative and scalable way of how teaching and learning Te Reo could be achievable in all New Zealand schools.

The company also hope this will help to empower more students, including Māori students, to pursue STEM careers.

Charlene Macrae, Country Manager for Matific New Zealand says, “We are now providing opportunities of a future-focused learning environment, which is already available to mainstream schools.  Our program in Te Reo now means that Te Reo Māori learners are included.

“STEM education is essential to New Zealand’s future prosperity. At Matific, we want to provide students with the tools they need to instil a love for maths and acknowledge the mana of Māori culture and values from a young age.

“The translation of the Matific program to Te Reo is more than just to revitalise the Māori language. We want to take responsible steps towards providing engaging mathematical content for the Te Reo Māori learning community.”


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