By: Rosie Gordon

Students may be sent home as schools grapple with major teacher shortage

Many schools around the country may be affected by the continuing teacher shortage.

Under staffed schools are reportedly considering sending kids home as they scramble for teaching staff.

The Principals’ Federation said there’s a total of around 370 teacher vacancies in both our primary and secondary schools – most of which are in Auckland.

President Whetu Cormick said this mean almost 10,000 young people could be without at teacher.

He said there’s anxiety in schools across the county.

“It’s not uncommon to hear three or four classes don’t have a teacher on a particular day. We’ve heard from other colleagues that they are considering sending children home which obviously is not practical.”

A number of schools are also lacking principals, with 34 vacancies around the country.

The Federation said school boards will be working hard to find acting principals for students’ first day back.

Cormick said there are a number of reasons why many young teachers no longer see becoming a principal as a career option.

“The challenges in the past, we’ve had a huge range of compliant activities that were expected at schools [such as] the special education service, which needs to be strengthened.”

In December, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced a $9.5 million funding package to boost teacher supply.

The package cut a proposal from the previous government to pay a bonus to teachers who stared their careers in Auckland.

Primary schools are expected to return at the start of February.

Source: Newstalk ZB


  1. I am an overseas trained teacher.I taught in a Private school for 10 years.Unfortunately the school’s registration was suspended.Last year I applied to 5 South Auckland Primary Schools,and none wanted to hire me.The schools are very choosy


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