The Wellington City Council is investigating a strange dumping on Mt Victoria.

Student Jack Christopher Anderson and his friends found the huge pile of spaghetti on the rock in the middle of the lookout while on a run this morning.

A photo of the oodles of noodles was posted to the Facebook page Vic Deals this morning.

The students were flummoxed by their spaghetti mound.

Anderson said they were aghast when they came across the still fresh spaghetti scene.

“As students our first reaction was to either eat it or take a photo or two.”

Wellington City Council said they’d had lots of reports of the “pasta attack” since 6.30 this morning.

One runner reported it was cold and a bit smelly, so could have been there over night.

The Wellington Public Health team are advising people to not eat the pasta.

The Mt Victoria park ranger said the pasta dump “left a bad taste in his mouth”.

A Wellington City Council spokesperson said teams are on the way to remove the spaghetti mess – they were yet to find the source.

Source: NZ Herald


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