School community officer Constable Rob Condor talks to pupils at St Mary’s careers day. Photo / Lewis Gardner

When Stacey McKenzie-Hofmann’s students wanted to help their school community, they decided to organise a careers day.

The class of years 3 and 4 students wanted to inspire their fellow students to think about their future goals.

“So we decided to hold a careers day for the school,” Mrs McKenzie-Hofmann said.

Mrs McKenzie-Hofmann’s students are aged between 7 and 9 years old – yet in three weeks they managed to pull together the careers day.

“Everyone had their own role to play in organising the day. We even had children organising food.”

The event happened at St Mary’s School on Thursday. People representing eight different careers came in to spend time with the pupils.

Mrs McKenzie-Hofmann said the day had been a great success and her students had learned valuable skills from the project.

“”They learned leadership skills, organisational skills and teamwork. I am very, very proud of them,” she said.

Source: Wanganui Chronicle


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