As school returns, education recruitment agencies are working with the Ministry of Education and schools to help fill vacancies by making the most of the overseas teacher recruitment campaign.

Among them is Randstad Education, which is calling on Kiwi school principals to take advantage of some of the 700 plus teachers who want to move to New Zealand.

“The new school year is upon us and we are committed to partnering with schools and Principals to fill these roles with qualified, international teachers to ensure a strong start,” says Katherine Swan, Country Director, Randstad New Zealand

Education agencies have been working with the Ministry of Education and principals across New Zealand since last September to help fill classrooms with high quality international teachers.

Some schools have embraced overseas teachers; among them is Manurewa Intermediate.

“I like having some overseas teachers because our kids’ worlds are quite small and it’s really good for them to see five teachers from other countries who have had different experiences of different worlds,” principal Iain Taylor told the Herald.

Meanwhile others have been sceptical about recruiting overseas teachers who may not have a good understanding of the New Zealand culture and curriculum.

However, Ranstand says its rigorous recruitment process is designed to guarantee only top candidates with the most relevant experience are selected.

Since advertising the opportunities available, international teachers have been rushing to take up the chance of working in the country.

“New Zealand has a strong reputation for its high calibre education system”, said Swan. “The country’s high standard of living also makes it a very attractive place for quality teachers to work”.


  1. True Teaching reached out to the Ministry of Education to assist with recruitment and begin a dialogue on how best to do so, but had no reply. We are a New Zealand owned company with vast experience in Education specialising in placing qualified K-12 homeroom and subject specialists into schools internationally. Our processes and practises in curating educators for this sector are scrupulous. I’m surprised that given the need, this offer has had no response. Nadine Tyro

  2. Hi Nadine, Ed Central etc. I am a Kiwi and NZ trained teacher and have been looking for teaching work in Auckland for the past 6 months without any success. I am extremely sceptical about this so called “teacher shortage et al” as highlighted in the media. Every time I apply for a job I get the impression that schools are wanting beginning teachers, younger people, a male and not a female to balance out their ratios, and not teachers like myself with experience. Extremely disappointing, frustrating and am now contemplating returning to the business world to work. It is difficult when your own country spits you out.

  3. What NZ education needs is structure and organisation as primary level .Overseas teachers are qualified teach but no use this indiscipline and disrespect which are are the initial of education and life skill which is lacking and teachers have to work hard on it . It needs support of council and Schools .
    In the process of transition the plate of teachers is already full and on of it bullying by co teachers and lack of adequate support makes blending a bit difficult.


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