By: Carl Pynenburg

With lots of talk about teachers’ workload in the media I’d like to paint an authentic picture of what an average day at work looks like for myself and hundreds of other primary school educators around the country.

Before school starts we make sure that the class is setup for everything we need for the day until our learners start arriving at school.

Then we switch gears as we greet the kids and talk with parents about a variety of topics. Building these relationships is important as many of our learners are new to school
and the parents have lots of questions about how their child is getting on.

Then the bell rings and we ‘officially’ start the day. We start by wiping away tears and comforting students who are still finding it tough saying goodbye before launching into the day.

The next six hours are full of laughter and learning. This is the time I enjoy the most as we deliver our lessons, update our online journal for parents on the fly and help our learners to reach their goals – all the while managing a variety of learning needs and maintaining behavioural expectations.


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