Even if your little one is tugging on your arm, begging you to take them to the nearest lake, beach or forest – you can still learn about the great outdoors from your indoor isolation bubble.

Sciencelearn.org.nz is a website devoted to all things biodiversity related – with interactive features, such as videos, activities, and experiments.

The Science Learning Hub is a Government-led initiative to engage young people with their local surroundings. As this is currently not possible, their website packed full of information.

Catered for both Primary and Secondary School learners, the website delves into subjects such as the human impact on New Zealand rivers, measuring biodegradability, the Antarctic marine ecosystem and soil formation.

There are even activities for adults to participate in, under ‘Citizen Science’. Ordinarily some of these activities may mean a drive to the beach (or at least out of your suburb), but there are plenty to choose from that are possible to participate in from your own backyard, including ‘Globe at Night’ and ‘Loss of the Night’.

The Science Learning Hub has been developed by The University of Waikato, in collaboration with The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, The Ministry of Education, and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor.


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