I have spoken before about how we are very near the end of a journey that was school; this is of course based on year 13 students, such as myself, who will be finishing school in the coming months of 2018. It is a somewhat frightening time. with many of us confused on what decisions we actually want to make when going into the next year of life, and I think an even scarier prospect is the idea that life will be very different from what we know it as now.

In some ways, life has been easy for us with us living at home under our parents and fading through every school day with the reasonably simple education system. In this blog, I will exploring three of the main decisions that people will very likely be making next year, in regards, to university to try and help you match them to your personality and make a more informed decision about your upcoming future.

Going to your local university

This is a decision that I feel I am slightly negatively bias against as I have always felt the strong desire to move away and going to university locally was out of the question. However, speaking with friends and people who made this same decision, I can see the multiple advantages that come with doing this option. This heavily comes under the financial bracket as the cost of attending your local university in New Zealand is very likely going to be free for the first year with the new labour laws being introduced.

Depending on the person and based on the people I have spoken with, it appears unlikely that most people would bother moving into flats and having that extra expenditure if there home is located within a 30 minute bus ride and therefore the entire experience becomes considerably cheaper that what it would be to travel away from your hometown. I see this option laid out for those who prefer to stay at home and enjoy the comfort of the things that they know well, but I can also see this option for those who are patient and will wait out there university time before travelling abroad or around our beautiful country of New Zealand.

Travelling away for university

Travelling away from university is something that many people are very keen to do when it comes to the end of high school and they want to escape there hometown. This is something that I encourage many people to do because to me, it seems like a way to heavily increase your independence and start a new track in life after our high school career. This is a mind-set that I am sure many people have when it comes to travelling abroad or even within New Zealand when it comes to choosing your university.

This decision is something that can be great towards those with extremely excitable attitudes towards life, those who want something new constantly and want new opportunism every day. Whilst, it may be difficult for you at first as you may lose many of your original friends and be away from family, you will probably be able to adjust eventually and it may even end up being one of the greatest times of your life.

Taking a gap year

Taking a gap year is another main decision that many people make. I find that taking a gap year may be the best decision for some people and the worst decision for others. In many ways, it is a time for you to reflect on what exactly you want in your life and the main goals and achievements you want to be able to reach in the coming years of your life. The reason why I say it is the best and worst decision is because not all people benefit from a gap year and instead they may become stuck in the world that they are in during the gap year and end up doing this for a much longer time than they originally intended.

I believe it is important for you to truly think about this decision of a gap year. It is something that would be best suited for those who are extremely bored of the education system but still want to achieve a qualified role and so for these people they will need a break, in order, to bring them motivation to actually complete the average four years of university.

To conclude, the decision is very much up to you at the end of the and the many blogs you may read on the matter only serve to help you in making a decision that is best for you. I encourage every school leaver to do more research into the multiple paths they can take and may even speak to people who have done this as it will help open your mind up to different options and maybe even change your mind in doing something that you never thought you would. We have our whole lives ahead of us and this is the next step.


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