Every day we are pumped by our daily routines – school, work and other things that need to be done. We need to follow a certain order and pattern; that’s the way of life for most people. This robotic routine can be exhausting for some, or worse. It is important for us to care for ourselves, cool down, relax and value our spare time.

Self-care is a necessity. It’s good to push ourselves, to always be on the go; however, to do too much isn’t ideal – worse, you can wear yourself out. Giving yourself a few minutes to meditate or do something that’ll relax your soul will repair your body and mind. Physical self-care includes sleep, eating healthy, exercising and many more activities that will benefit you.

Your body needs time to recover to perform your daily routine. Stress and tiredness result in poor-quality actions and affect relationships with those around you.

Mental self-care is important too. Feeling stressed? Constantly worrying? Or just feeling unmotivated? That could be the result of a burn-out that’ll cause us to perform poorly. You’ll start feeling the pressures of everyday life, helplessly tired and wanting to stay in bed and do nothing.

Not caring for your mind causes an imbalance of emotions, affecting decision-making and reactions. You can seem cranky, easily upset or just “off”. Before it turns to this, you must do things that’ll relax your mind and give you enjoyment.

Go for a walk or a run, go somewhere quiet and think, take a bath, read, or listen to music. You need and deserve to give yourself a break after pushing and pushing yourself. I know that every day can be tough, especially when you feel stress piling up over more stress. That’s why you need to remove yourself from that and focus on you.

Give yourself a bit of each day to take care of you – because you deserve it.

Khris is in Year 11 and lives in Invercargill. She likes dancing, music, writing, trying new things and exploring the fun in everything.


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