Four days a year – mufti day is usually held once a term for a good cause, such as funding and event appropriation, but it usually just turns into a big fashion runway in school. When you walk around with your own style and own fashion sense, it will feel like a runway because of all the eyes that follow you, critiquing your choice for the day.

This day is such a stupidly significant time for students to dress up, or sometimes dress down, and show everyone what you got, but why?

There are pros and cons to mufti. Pros: individuality! One of the things that uniforms restrict is having that sense of individuality for students, to be able to show small things that make you you. Mufti allows us to express ourselves for who we are and what defines us with clothes.

Although there’s always been this kind of mentality to have that urge to blend in rather than stand out. Since we’ve always had that uniformity to keep us stable and unjudged, there’s fear of being looked at differently once you choose to wear something more. To those who are brave – congratulations! You are confident and comfortable enough to be you, no matter how strange, fancy or even lazy your clothing style is, you choose to be just you.

Cons: judgement day. It’s proven that students actually dread mufti day more than enjoy it. It’s the trouble of choosing what to wear that is acceptable enough to look good but average enough to blend in. People have hung on to the idea of steady looks and not looking different, to bring yourself out there on your own is scary.

In a way, it shows how students care so much about their reputation and how others view them. Those drilling eyes of the majority of the student body are terrifying once they lay upon you. A lot of people don’t even consider coming to school because of the criticism going around, hence the name ‘Judgement day’.

The essence of mufti day has become too heavy, that it feels like such a big burden or blessing to students. It has given us a lot of freedom to wear different clothes for once, however sometimes people take this day for granted by spending so much time to fit in.

If basic clothes are just who you are then that’s okay, but once people start to hide their potential selves to feel accepted then that says more about the other students than them.

Wear something that’ll make you feel good, make you feel proud. Do not let those stares make you feel embarrassed or judged. You’re your own person and your choice of clothing is your decision. Don’t let the norm stop you.

You have this one day to change things up, spend the day proudly with your own fashion runway. Your own show, your own walk, your own fashion – not others’.

Khris is in Year 11 and lives in Invercargill. She likes dancing, music, writing, trying new things and exploring the fun in everything.


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