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Wellington, NZ
Monday, September 24, 2018


Past Poll Results

Other: (5)

“Great for a few teachers of English, Science and Maths”

“having potential but systems are restricting this potential”

“Where schools have formed a CoL with schools they have had a working history with there is potential for real change. When the MoE has forced groups of schools to work together because that’s what they want there is a real danger of nothing filtering down”

“A flop and waste of money and resources”

“A ‘work in progress’ that has significant theoretical and anecdotal potential; worthy of the investment, demanding of quality research, and worthy of respect for the myriad of well-intentioned and highly skilled people who are working to design and refine”

Other answers (3):

  • Understanding, kmowledge and evidence based support for children with dyslexia.
  • Transitions and breaking down silos
  • Teachers spending more time doing admin than teaching.

Other answers (1)

  • if it is funded superbly

Other answers (1)

  • First fifteen rugby will become a more “flowing” game…

Other answers (6)

  • Not necessarily good for all subjects; further research needed
  • (all other ‘others’ agreed with the above)