Secondary teachers’ union PPTA have recommended members reject the latest offer from the Government.

PPTA president Jack Boyle describes yesterday’s offer as “last-minute and half-hearted”.

“We don’t understand why they bothered; they must have known our members will find it completely unacceptable.”

Boyle says the offer is almost exactly the same as the last one, offering annual pay rises of three per cent each year for three years. The PPTA’s bid is for a 15 per cent boost over one year.

“To say we are disappointed is an understatement,” he says.

“Secondary teachers want to be able to bring out the best for their students and for their profession. The twin catastrophes of burgeoning shortages and excessive workload mean we aren’t able to do either.”

“There’s a real sense of frustration that there seems to be no genuine commitment from the government to solving supply, retention and workload issues.

“The government knows as well as we do how to fix those problems: better pay and working conditions.”

Starting today, the union is holding mass meetings around the country for secondary teachers to discuss the offer, vote whether to accept or reject it, and figure out next steps.

The PPTA has not ruled out taking industrial action. Meanwhile primary teachers are still in negotiations with Government over their pay offer and are poised to strike next week for the second time this year.


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