The wheels are in motion for a major review of Tomorrow’s Schools with the terms of reference announced today.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says over the years the “tinkering” with Tomorrow’s Schools has moved governance, management and administration of schools further and further away from what it aimed to achieve.

The review will give schools, students and communities the opportunity to take part in drawing the blueprint for how schools should be organised.

“The review will consider how schools might interact differently with their communities, with other schools, with employers, and with other government organisations, to serve the best interests of our young people,” says Hipkins.

“It will look at how we can better support equity and inclusion for all children throughout their schooling, what changes are needed to support their educational success, and at the fitness of our school system to equip all our students for a rapidly changing world.

An independent five-to-seven person taskforce will be appointed in April, which will consult widely before reporting back in November this year.

The review will also consider the roles of the Ministry of Education, Education Review Office, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, New Zealand School Trustees Association, and the Education Council in supporting schools.

The review of Tomorrow’s Schools is part of the Government’s education work programme, announced in February. The terms of reference for the review are available at

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  1. I’m glad this review is happening. It is about time we looking at the system and see if it still fits the needs of the community.


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