More than 400 students – over half the school – are set to attend Tahatai Coast School’s first-ever Halloween fundraiser this afternoon. With decorations flown in from the United States, Halloween-themed games, a spooky tunnel, face painting and a massive disco, it will be the Papamoa school’s largest event to date this year.

“We wanted to have a huge party to foster a sense of community and fun within the school while raising money at the same time, and the response has blown us out of the water,” says Carrie Brown Davies, event co-chair alongside Angela Callahan.

The two mothers have single-handedly managed every detail. You’ll find ghosts and witches hanging out with unicorns and superheroes and even a knight in shining armour.

Parents are getting in on the fun as well, with costumes such as the Queen of Hearts and Minnie Mouse.

“It’s a great way to provide an enjoyable and fun Halloween within the safe confines of the school,” says Callahan.

The thousands of dollars raised from the after-school event will go towards resources for the school.

Among those attending the event will be eight primary students from South Korea. They are attending Tahatai Coast School for ten days as part of the school’s inaugural Sister School student exchange programme, which will see eight Tahatai students return to Korea with them in November.

Principal Matt Skilton is delighted the visiting Korean students will have the chance to be part of a fun school event.

“Kids love Halloween, so this is a neat way for kids and their families to enjoy it together in a safe, carefully managed environment at school.

“It’s great to see our PTA drive something new and exciting for the school community,” he says.


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