The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Wellington is sticking by his recommendation to simplify the university’s name.

Grant Guilford and the management team will take it to the university council on Monday.

Guilford says local mayors and marketing experts supported the change, while feedback showed the majority of alumni and current students are against it.

Only around 180 students gave feedback but 90 percent were against it and alumni were also strongly against.

He says they took all the submissions into account.

“That opinion that we received from our students and alumni and staff and stakeholders is very important to us.”

Guilford says in the end its about the future of the institution.

“We needed to make a decision or recommendation is about what is in the best interest of our university and our city, into the future, and we feel that the best interests are served by that change of name.”

If the university’s council decides to go ahead with the recommendation to change the name it’ll go to the Minister of Education.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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