By: Christina Campbell

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Auckland’s teacher shortage has reached breaking point and there’s a warning shortage is damaging the quality of education children are getting.

NZEI, the Principals Federation, the Auckland Primary Principals Association and the Waitakere Area Principals Association have announced a 10-point plan to address the problem.

It seeks to wipe student loans for those who commit to working three years in Auckland, increase pay – and look at affordable housing for public sector employees, among other things.

The four industry groups, represent the majority of teachers and principals in the country.

Other things they think will help are investing in affordable housing for public sector employees, smaller class sizes in low decile schools and limiting assessments.

President of the Auckland Primary Principals Association Kevin Bush says the current situation isn’t good enough.

“When we’ve got this crisis around staffing, we’ve got a crisis about student learning. Children can’t learn without a teacher in front of the classroom.”

Immediate Past President of the Waitakere Area Principals’ Association Martin Weatherill has a clear message for the incoming government.

“Act now or your child or your grandchild will not have a teacher, simple as that.”

Weatherill says low wages and a high cost of living are causing teachers to leave Auckland.

“The bottom line, you want the best and the brightest in front of your children you need to invest in teachers, you need to invest in a significant pay increase in teachers, it is fairly simple.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


  1. WE are in a crisis situation. The problem can be solved if schools are allowed to appoint suitable non-teachers. They must be able to read and write English to perfection. They must not belong to a teachers’ union. They should get usual beginners’ teacher pay. They must accept that they can be sacked without any reason given. Most present paper demands of teachers can be waived. Only obligation is to follow and teach curriculum.
    Problem solved.


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