Manurewa went viral but it was Mt Albert Grammar who took home the overall win. Photo / YouTube

An epic hip-hop dance routine by the students at Manurewa High School put the spotlight on the school after it went viral on social media over the last couple of days.

The group of students, named “Rewa All Stars”, competed in the Hip Hop International New Zealand Maga Schools Street Dance Competition and stunned the audience with their moves, perfectly choreographed to the beat of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tune.

The “Rewa All Stars” stunned the judges and took home a respectable second place in the overall competition.

Once the video hit social media, thousands commented on how incredibly talented the Manurewa students were but they also had one burning question: who could possibly have done better than them?

“I want to see the act that beat them! Because this performance was off the hook! The best ever! Well done,” someone said on Facebook.

“”Ummm so whoever won must have been super amazing – I can’t believe anyone beat this performance,” another person commented.

So who did beat the Rewa All Stars to the top spot?

The answer, according to the competition judges, is Mt Albert Grammar.

The students from the central Auckland school took the overall win with the choreography you see above.

It might not have gone viral on social media like the Rewa All Stars did but the MAGS performance definitely impressed everyone too.

“Awesome! These kids are all amazing, this was off the hook. The talent is massive,” someone commented on the winning routine.

“MAGS just had cleaner formations & in sync compared to Rewa but both were awesome,” another Facebook user said.

Source: NZ Herald


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