Tom Hiddleston has nailed an impression of Taika Waititi’s character Korg with a surprisingly good Kiwi accent.

The Avengers star, who plays Loki in the Marvel franchise, appeared in an interview panel for BBC Radio 1 with fellow Avengers Letitia Wright and Sebastian Stan.

They were all asked what their favourite film moments were that didn’t include themselves and Wright picked Thor: Ragnarok, praising the work of Kiwi director Taika Waititi.

“It just felt like Taika’s personality splashed across a big screen,” she said.

Stan added: “The rock character! He’s so funny!”

Hiddleston then interrupted to say the character’s name was Korg, and then nailed his impression saying, “Hey bro, my name is Korg. I’m made of rocks.”

Even Wright gave it a bit of a try adding, “That was just awesome.”

Source: NZ Herald


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