By: Emma Russell

A United Nations (UN) delegation took place at Whanganui Girls’ College yesterday to tackle big issues such as nuclear weapons and peaceful use of outer space.

Six schools attended the junior model UN conference – among them were; Nga Tawa, Whanganui Intermediate, Whanganui City College, Wanganui Collegiate, Whanganui Girls’ College and Whanganui High School.

From French berets to Mexican sombreros and ponchos each team dressed accordingly to the country they were representing.

From 10.30am to 2.30pm delegates had three topics to discuss; total elimination of nuclear weapons, international co-operation in the peaceful use of outer space and the safety of journalists.

And not only did they have to dress the part but they also had to play it.

Students had researched the topic prior to the conference and each country was given one minute speaking time to debate each topic.

Wanganui branch president of the United Nations Association, Kate Smith, said it was a challenge because they had speak from the point of view of the country they were representing and be careful not to give their own opinion.

“We tried to keep it formal to give a taste of what the real thing would be like.”

Whanganui’s junior mock United Nations conference has been running for 18 years but Ms Smith said this was the most colourful conference yet.

“The students went to a real effort with costumes this year – the Netherlands team had made their own yellow clogs which was pretty impressive.”

Each team prepared national dishes of their country they were representing and the food was shared during lunch interval.

Students were also rewarded for their delegations with a certificate and a block of Trade Aid chocolate.

Source: Wanganui Chronicle


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