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Epson is welcoming the findings of an international study that highlights the importance of display size as it releases its new laser ultra-short throw projector.

The study, conducted by Radius Global Market Research last year, evaluated the readability of content displayed on 70-inch screens in average-sized classrooms in Singapore and the United Kingdom. More than 50 per cent of students in each country found that contents displayed on 70-inch screens was difficult to read, with more than half of students writing down at least one item incorrectly from a 70-inch screen.

The research findings will not come as a surprise to educators who have witnessed firsthand the importance of large and clear display equipment when it comes to teaching and learning.

Nor will the findings surprise industry experts who support the “4/6/8 rule” – an informal guideline used by AV installers for determining screen size for display size recommendations. The 4/6/8 rule establishes that ideal viewing distance, in correlation with room size, should be four, six or eight times the height of the screen for analytical viewing, basic viewing and passive viewing. The advantage of applying this rule in classrooms is that the distances can be measured according to particular activities needing use of the screen.

Epson New Zealand’s Visual Solutions Business Manager Mike Conza says display size is “absolutely critical” to students’ learning.

“When it comes to choosing the best display for your classroom, it is important that it’s large enough so every student in the room can clearly read what’s on it,” says Conza.

Conza says Epson’s advanced interactive display and projector technologies including the new EB-710Ui tick all the right boxes.

EB-710Ui laser ultra-short throw projector

The Epson EB-710Ui laser ultra-short throw projector can provide better visibility in the classroom for images in large sizes of up to 100 inches. It also boasts 4,000 lm of brightness and WUXGA resolution and has a laser light source that provides consistent performance and frees customers from lamp replacement concerns. Fortunately schools and tertiary organisations won’t have to wait much longer for the EB-710Ui projector – Epson confirms it will be rolled out worldwide from the end of October.

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