Industries like tree planting and fruit picking are facing a shortage of workers, but are young people to blame?

Fencing is the latest industry to reveal they are struggling to find workers, despite offering a high hourly pay.

Young people are often blamed for not being attracted to physical work.

A fencer who spoke with Mike Hosking says that education is too focused on going to university rather than pointing them towards trade sectors.

However, Andrew Dickens raised his doubts about this.

He says it’s not up to young people or the Government to fill the vacancies, but the industries themselves.

“Is it up to these industries to get out there and tell more people about this industry?”

Putting the question to listeners, a swarm of callers shared their thoughts.

Caller Jamie says that he has worked in fruit picking, and the industry hasn’t evolved to adapt to modern work practices around working hours and pay.

Another, Tom, says that the government should pay sports clubs to do these jobs as sponsorship for their activity.

Helen says that one of her sons was involved in construction, but after three years he realised the industry wasn’t for him after dealing with unsafe work practices and staff that avoided work due to the competition.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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