As I am reaching the end of my high school years, I am beginning to look at what has helped shaped me into the person I am now from who I was thirteen years ago when I begin my education. Amongst numerous ups and downs and how my characteristics have adapted to every new environment I have gone through. Whilst, I have achieved multiple credentials over my years in school, I have one achievement that I am the most proud of and this was when I was given the opportunity to compete in the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) through my school. This led me to create my own business that started as a simple project to impress our friends and family but soon turned into something ever that expected. This is the story of why creating in business in high school changed my life.

I have spoken before on the laziness that many teenagers adhere by across our youthful years and how often we become increasing bored of our slow education system as  we reach our senior years. I was indeed one of these people and as I dragged myself into year 12, I had grown tired of doing the same repetitive routine everyday and I was doing nothing but sleeping in my spare time. This has become almost sickening to go through everyday and when my friend eventually came to me with the idea to join YES, I jumped a the opportunity. One year and six months down the line, we have created two popular healthcare products from our brand Clearfree and after multiple bottle spills, missing orders and legal barriers – we have eventually founded a efficient, popular and profitable business that has since turned over more than $15,000.

The moral of my story is to show how much easier it is for people to create something that they think and creating the business brought back the fire inside of me that I felt was missing since I was a young boy playing football in the yard. For me, creating a business was the spark that I needed to get back out in the world and from achieving this business – I was inspired to achieve so much more and I began joining more extracurricular activities and searching for part time jobs and it made me realise how important these are to achieve. As we were about to close on our education journey, I had realise how these parts of life I had done would help me as a I ventured into the real world because I was able to carry a larger skills on my waist and a real understanding of reality.

However, as I have explored how my life was changed through this business, I want to emphasise on the fact that creating a business does not solely stand for you to create a business, but, instead I wanted to emphasise on how achieving something in high school will help to ignite your underlying passions again. I understand how difficult high school can be as I am also being put through the same system that can sometimes be difficult to get through, but, the more we are able to achieve, marks the ignition of our inner self to come out and shine across the stage with you finding yourself doing and achieving more everyday. As well as this, achieving even a small passion will help you find yourself a better chance of landing on a high profile business employment list or prestigious university acceptance and so I suggest everyone reading this to find what they love and make it something big.

Will Cole is a year 13 student with a passion to write and is pursuing a career in journalism. When he’s not at school, he runs the communications for his healthcare business with two friends. See his weekly blog pieces here where he talks about the journey of a young entrepreneur and New Zealand’s current affairs.


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