Throughout hundreds of years of history, the world has changed immensely with advancements in technology and society adapting to the time. However, there is one trend that has remained the same, for as far as we can remember, and this is the teaching that we must always set out to succeed and that failure is not an option. In our foolish adolescence, we breathe in this information and we often set out to live up to this expectation that has been taught by our parents and teachers. This is, of course, not the case and it is important to understand that success and failure are not contrary to each other but they are to be employed together. This is the lesson on how you will need to fall hard, before you will rise up.

Oprah Winfrey was fired from media for being “Unfit for television” – J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter script was denied 12 times – Thomas Edison failed 9,000 to build the lightbulb. Of these people, they have formulated some of the greatest minds that have ever existed and they have built large enterprises to stand out with them slowly building out the groundwork to success. Whilst they are celebrities now, each one of them started life like the rest of us, and each one has failed in a unique way. But, this does not make them stupid or indecent, in fact, it makes them smarter because they had the strength to push themselves to the limits than no others believed they could. They proved to their surroundings that there failures would not break them but they would make them; make them become the living legends they are today.

I have found that I have held back on various things in my life because I have been knocked down on the journey to achieve my goals. As I began my adventure through the teenage years, I found this especially clear with me giving up immediately after being rejected from two part time job applications or refusing to play football because I didn’t make the top team. Whilst these may be miniscule failures, in comparison, to the pilgrimage of our world’s richest – they are still symbolic of the fact that we all experience failures, whether we realise it or not. The key to success has never been about a lack of failure, but it has been about how we take these failures and learn from them because as Albert Einstein said,

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”.

We all have the inner power achieve our goals; some of may want money, some want fame, some want family, but we all connected in the fact that we want to succeed. With what I have learned from running a small healthcare business: failure can tip you upside down, shake you side to side and rip everything you have from you, but it can never take away your passion. This is the main drive in what encourages us to succeed as we are doing it off the back of what we feel most strongly about. I recommend that every person reading this takes a breath at the next fail they may, even if it is simply dropping a can of beans, and think to yourself how you will work around to better yourself.

Will Cole is a year 13 student with a passion to write and is pursuing a career in journalism. When he’s not at school, he runs the communications for his healthcare business with two friends. See his weekly blog pieces here where he talks about the journey of a young entrepreneur and New Zealand’s current affairs.


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