For many students in New Zealand, we are finally approaching the end of the school year and this is especially important for our year thirteen leavers who are about to begin a brand new chapter in there lives. However, as we are running along this last stretch of a 100 mile road, the terrain is becoming much rockier than it has ever been before and it seems that our stress levels are exponentially increasing. This is because some of us are scared, confused and distressed about what the future holds for us, but that’s okay.

We are about to reach the stage of our lives were a new sense of independence will shower over us and for some this means we are taking to very irrational decisions. I am talking about those who are giving up on school and those who are losing focus in terms of school work and trying to find plans for next year. In today’s blog I will be talking about two types of motivation tactics that you can use to build yourself up to be a more focused student that is not making irrational decision in your final steps of high school.

If you have made it this far into your senior years of high school and you are teetering on the edge of whether to leave school or not, then I believe it is necessary for you to take a reality check for a moment. You have come so far through year 13 and to leave now seems like a waste of time in the grand scheme of things. However, we each make our own decisions and it is important to make your own decision at heart, but I will be exploring how you can utilise a rewards system to bring you through these last days of high school.

Studies from the University of Tennessee have stated, ““Setting up a compelling reward system can help you power through your to-dos”. In order to make it to the end and achieve in your exams, then you should send up a rewards system that will encourage you to achieve various tasks that allow you to take a small or big reward from doing so. This can be things such as allowing yourself to spend money upon completion of exams or treating yourself to new clothes; regardless, you may find that doing this will bring out the drive required to bring yourself through high school.

Another motivation tactic than you can use is looking at the bigger picture of school and deciding where exactly you want to be in the next five years. This is basically an action plan that you write yourself and make up the steps you believe are necessary to make it to were you want to be in the next five years. You may find that in the majority of these plans, finishing school is a necessary step and something that you can easily tick off your checklist in just a few short weeks.

This motivation tactic will be key in bringing you through your last days of high school as well as bringing a new sense of achievement into your life as you know that each time you are completing something on that list – you are a step closer to achieving your bigger goal and are on track to heading down a successful career path.

Overall, we can all agree that school is becoming increasingly boring as we make it through the final stages of it, however, we are all so close and this is why I encourage every single person in year 13 to keep pushing themselves to make it through the final hurdles of the 100-metre sprint.

I also encourage all people to look at these motivation tactics as examples of what they could use to bring out there inner drive and use this to push themselves over the finish line, because at the end of the day, we only have ten weeks left of school and compare this to the 490 weeks that we have already done, it is hardly anything!

Will Cole is a year 13 student with a passion to write and is pursuing a career in journalism. When he’s not at school, he runs the communications for his healthcare business with two friends. See his weekly blog pieces here where he talks about the journey of a young entrepreneur and New Zealand’s current affairs.


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