Early in 2018, six post-graduate students will be selected from Wintec’s School of Sport Science and Human Performance to attend Teikyo University in Japan where they will build a performance programme for the Teikyo University Rugby Club.

A further six Bachelor of Applied IT students will wing their way to Jinhua University where they will further their web and computer programming study and receive tutoring in Chinese language and culture.

Wintec’s chief executive Mark Flowers says this will be an experience of a lifetime for these students.

“What this means is a fully paid educational experience in Asia that is invaluable to our students. The experience they get from these scholarships will enhance their education and give them a first-hand experience of culture.

“These opportunities also strengthen the relationships we have been building with international universities and educators, and demonstrate the value we can add through our top students.”

Wintec already has a presence in Jinhua that has led to the application to place Wintec IT students at Jinhua University. In May 2014 Jinhua Polytechnic and Wintec signed a cooperation agreement to work in partnership to establish Jinhua Polytechnic Wintec International College in Jinhua, China.

Wintec and Teikyo University are currently working in collaboration on a GPS tracking unit ‘enabled movement analysis’ study. The subjects in the study are members of the Teikyo University rugby A team, who belong to the university rugby club the scholarship students will work with next year. Through the involvement of the Wintec postgraduate students selected for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship, Teikyo University and Wintec can continue to evolve this study.

The students will be selected for their academic strength and personal attributes including independence, initiative, maturity, confidence and their ability to represent New Zealand positively.

The Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia cover overseas study, research or internships ranging from six week to two years at undergraduate or postgraduate level at top Asian institutions. The scholarships are funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand.They were established in 2013 and have since enabled more than 1,000 New Zealand students to experience an international education in Asian countries.


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