Doctors and lawyers step aside, Gen Z is pursuing a new aspirational career path. New research from camera phone maker OPPO New Zealand shows 9 in 10 young New Zealanders see “Instagram influencer” as their dream job.

Almost half (47 per cent) of 18-24 year olds reveal they’ve made a purchasing or travel decision based on an influencer’s social media endorsement.

The OPPO study, which looked at 500 young Kiwis’ perceptions of social media influencers has revealed:

  • 79 per cent of Gen Z would take on a fulltime job as an influencer if given the opportunity
  • 36 per cent say they’ve tried to build up their Instagram following and 39 per cent admitted they get anxious about the number of likes they’ll get when posting on Instagram
  • 21 per cent have actively researched how to become an influencer and 29 per cent use third party apps to edit their photos for social media
  • The most commonly followed accounts are beauty and fashion (48 per cent), travel and food (45 per cent) and fitness (42 per cent)

After the research showed that lose to one in six (14 per cent) young New Zealanders would complete a degree or course on how to successfully become an Influencer, OPPO has set up an influencer internship, offering a three-month, paid stint as an OPPO influencer. The person will be  flown around New Zealand and Australia to the most Instagrammable locations and use OPPO’s R17 Pro camera phone to capture content for social media profiles.

The successful applicant will also be mentored by OPPO’s digital marketing team and existing ambassadors, including Nicole Millar, Milly Bannister, Libby Kay and KOTravellers.

OPPO New Zealand managing director Kevin Cho said: “We can see that in the not so distant future we will employ and train full-time influencers, in much the same way you would any employee. So, to kick it off, we’ve created a paid influencer internship. Armed with our latest device, the R17 Pro, the successful candidate will fly around the country to capture breathtaking images for social media while receiving mentorship from our existing brand ambassadors.”

Applications are open until December 15.


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